In 2006 Karibuni Onlus built a dispensary in Utende village with the focus on providing free general health care to communities within the district – who were suffering from malnutrition, various diseases and infections and lacked the finances to seek medical treatment at government health care facilities. Our dispensary is made up of three treatment rooms, staff accommodation and a storage room for medication and equipment.

With the construction of a new government clinic in Utende village, Karibuni Onlus realised the opportunity to change its dispensaries main function and provide specialised health care services run by four personnel: a sonographer; dental practitioner with his assistant nurse and a caretaker.

For a number of years, in addition to the specialised health care, the dispensary has been used for a number of health related project such as: periodic anaemia testing of nursey children; the distribution of mosquito nets for the prevention of malaria and during the month of September each year, as a base for our annual health camp.

Karibuni Onlus are currently in the process of registering the dispensary into a clinic, with the aim of securing funding to provide general healthcare in conjunction with our specialist healthcare to the district. We hope to employ a full-time doctor and nurse and to purchase: medicines, an electrocardiography machine and a medical ultrasound. This will help broaden the healthcare service we can provide, for free, to the communities in the district.