Karibuni Onlus supports over 100 children, aged between three and six,  across three nursery classes located within the Kiegeani district on Mafia Island.

Constructed in 2011 from donor funding, Karibuni Onlus established the absence of Preschool Education Programmes (PEP) within the district and recognised their importance. PEP have been proven to increase the likelihood of children’s academic success and offer a range of added benefits towards their overall development and future health.

Our PEP are taught in two languages (Swahili and English) by way of three local Tanzanian teachers. The programmes cover English and Maths subjects and aid social, cognitive and fine motor skills through interactive play and learning.

Any funding and donations Karibuni Onlus receives help to support:

·         Staff salaries and training,

·          One nutritious meal a day for the children,

·         Learning resources (Books, pens, stationary etc.),

·         Nursery maintenance costs.