In collaboration with Tanzanian government organisations and NGOs such as Italian Caritas, Karibuni Onlus has driven projects to install a number of boreholes, pumps and water systems within Kiegeani district to serve the community’s needs. Prior to installation of the new water service points, members of the community were reliant on few water service points which were natural wells – essentially holes in the ground from which water emerged. This water is used without any hygienic filters and was prone to contamination – a common contributor to disease and infections in the community.

Karibuni Onlus have installed nine wells on the Island with two water pump systems within the proximity of two large primary schools to supply the school’s and the surrounding community’s needs. Furthermore, a network of water taps were distributed throughout Utende village.

With the support of donors, Karibuni has utilised those funds to work with the government and organisations to provide clean drinking water to large populations on Mafia Island. Any funding and donations Karibuni Onlus receives help to support the maintenance and regular inspection of these water systems .